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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who am I talking to?

The ocean is on fire. The boat sails on the sand. The water circulates in the body. The glaciers are burning. In such a season, who cares about who dies and who lives. Even death does not have time for such a human being. Death is already dead.

Descartes said: "I think, therefore I am." Sartre Said: "I am, therefore I am.". What can I say about myself? I am the product of inventions. To think, To exist, To live are beyond the powers of robots.

What a fool I am ! I am trying to set up a dialogue with ultra-modernism. People have lost the essence of being "human" long time ago.


Harmeet said...

rightly said.........

Ankit said...

Thought provoking !!!
its awesum !!!
as the person above me said !!
rightly said !!

Happy Blogging and take care !!!

Manmeet Dhir said... word to describe - GREAT

Pundit Commentator said...

Hello Gurpreet Kang.

I found you on You write well but not often enough. Next time you feel like talking change for a better future or elections and politics, do drop by

Mike Marcellino said...

honestly written, with feeling